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Jasmine and Geoff wish you a wonderful stay at White Shells. On this page, you’ll find all of the important information you need. We hope during your visit, you take advantage of the beautiful surroundings of your fully appointed apartment – enjoy a relaxing drink on your spacious balcony, lounge in the heated spas or in the lap pools on each rooftop deck, or simply gaze out on the ocean and never-ending beach while planning your stay.  

If you can summon enough strength or the desire to temporarily leave this beautiful location, there are so many things to do in this area.  Check out the Attractions page on this website while you’re here. 

If you need absolutely anything, please feel free to ask the White Shells management team for what to see or do in the area.  

Enjoy the tranquility and beauty of this location and ‘go slowly, and come back quickly’. 

A big White Shells welcome to you. 

Geoff and Jasmine Shortland, Managers


Emergency number In the case of emergency, dial 000 for ambulance, police or fire brigade
Evacuation If the evacuation warning is sounded, this is the indication that you need to evacuate the building:

1. Ensure your friends/family are accounted for
2. Get everyone out of your apartment, closing the door behind you
3. Proceed down the fire stairs – do NOT use the lift
4. Exit to the ground floor past the Manager’s office

Fire blankets A fire blanket is located in the kitchen (above the fridge) in each apartment.

If a fire occurs on the stove or BBQ:

1. Turn off the heat source
2. Pull the tab to take the fire blanket out of its protective cover
3. Hold your hands inside the blanket to protect them
4. Drape the blanket over the fire to suffocate & leave the blanket in place
5. Report the fire to the Resident Manager to ensure all occupants are safe

Fire extinguishers Fire extinguishers are located in each corridor in the fire hose reel cupboard.
Smoke detectors (in corridors) The smoke detectors in the corridors do not have a three minute delay. If these are activated by smoke, the fire brigade will be called automatically to the building.
Smoke detectors (inside apartments) Smoke detectors are fitted in each apartment. They are installed by law as well as for your personal safety. These detectors will activate when smoke is produced from the toaster, stove, oven and sometimes steam from the bathroom.

It is essential that the kitchen exhaust hood is ON while cooking.

In normal mode, the lights on the detector glow green. If the alarm is activated by smoke or steam, the lights on the detector will flash red and the fire alarm inside your apartment will sound. The apartment number will also register on the fire alarm board in the Manager’s office.

If the alarm is activated, please follow these steps to rectify:

1. Turn off the item that that has activated the alarm (eg stove, toaster)
2. Open the doors to let the fresh air in
3. Wave a tea towel under the smoke detector to disperse the smoke

If the alarm is not deactivated before three minutes, the fire brigade is automatically called. If it is a false alarm caused by tenant or holiday maker action, then the cost will be charged to the offender. The current cost is in the vicinity of $1,200.00.


Air Conditioning The cooling and heating system can be controlled through the thermostat located in the entry area.

Please do not turn the unit below 22 degrees Celsius as this will freeze up the system and it will stop operating.

For general use, follow the prompts inside the control panel. There are separate switches to turn it on or off to the bedrooms.

Please close doors and windows if you turn on the air-conditioning and turn it off if not in the apartment.

BBQ Your apartment has a BBQ on the balcony for your enjoyment.

Please keep BBQs away from glass and doorways, and ensure the facility is cleaned after use.

Please allow it to cool after use before closing it up and don’t attempt to clean the hotplate in the kitchen sink.

Ensure the gas is turned off at the bottle when BBQ is not being used.

Basin Plugs in Bathrooms Sometimes guests have been confused by the operation of the plugs to the basins. The plugs simply operate by pressing down on them, to either seal them or to release them.
Bi-Fold Balcony Doors Please take care when opening and closing the large bi-fold doors.
When releasing or locking the holding bolts, please pull slightly on the handles to take the load off the bolts as they move in or out of the locking position.
Please close the large bi-fold doors during rainy weather as rain can blow into the living room.
Body Corporate Regulations Apart from the obvious requirements of not causing nuisance to other guests and residents, there are some specific regulations regarding the use of the common pool area on the roof. These are set out on a sign displayed on the wall beside the lift area and include the allowed hours of use of the pool and spas and not using glass glasses or bottles in this area – we have provided acrylic glasses for this purpose.
Crockery & cutlery Please ensure that all crockery and cutlery used when dining with friends/relatives in other apartments is returned to the original apartment.

Any items found missing upon check out will incur an additional charge to the guest.

Departure day Apartments must be left in a neat tidy and clean manner. This includes all dishes washed and put away and all rubbish removed.

Any damage beyond normal will be charged to your credit card.

Dishwasher To turn on, press the power button on LH end. The washing time will light up at the RH end. ’33’ (minutes) is usually sufficient. It will beep when finished to remind you to turn it off.
Electrical current 240 volts A.C. and 50 HZ.
Filtered water Your apartment has filtered water available, accessed via the small tap over the kitchen sink
Foxtel The apartment has Foxtel. Please refer to the separate section to see which channels are available.
Fridge Cold Water Ice-Maker To access cold water or ice, place the glass in the recess of the freezer door and press against the rubber touch pad. Cold water, crushed ice or block ice can be selected by pressing the selection button, located at the bottom LH side.
Hotplate There is an over-riding switch for the hotplate on the power point above the bench – turn it on to operate the induction hotplate.
It is normal for a burner to appear to be surging on and off while it is being used
Intercom When answering the intercom system, press button ‘E’ to talk. To unlock the Entry door and allow access via the lift to your level, press the ‘key’ button
Internet See the guest information book for information on connecting to wifi
Ironing boards An iron and ironing board are located in your apartment laundry room or 2nd bedroom cupboard
Laundry Washing machines and dryers are available for guest use in your apartment.

When operating the dryer, please leave the laundry doors open to prevent overheating and activation of the fire alarm.

Locking External Doors When the knob below the handle is at an angle the door is locked from the outside. Turn the knob to vertical to unlock the doors.

The doors still open from the inside when the knob is in the locked position, so take care when opening to exit – if the door blows shut, you will be locked outside if the knob is still in the locked position!

Be aware that when there is a strong sea breeze, doors can slam shut with force, especially when there is cross ventilation if the rear door or windows are open as well, so please take care especially with children.

Luggage assistance If you require assistance with luggage collection or delivery, please contact Reception.
Microwave To operate the microwave, turn the dial until the required operating time is selected, press the required power level (usually 1000), then press start. It will beep when finished. When the door is opened, the display will revert to the time.
Pets We regret that pets are not allowed for short term/holiday stays, as per owner’s request and Body Corporate by-laws.
Rubbish Disposal There is a garbage disposal chute accessible from the hallway outside the unit.

Please secure all garbage/rubbish in plastic bags before placing in the garbage chute. A garbage chute is located on each floor.

Please don’t place glass or large items such as pizza boxes that may become stuck in the chute.

Seafood scraps MUST be double-bagged and tightly secured before disposal down the chute. Spare plastic bags are provided in each apartment kitchen – in the cupboard under the sink.

Recycle bins are in the refuse rooms located in the basement, near each lift.

Security Swipe White Shells is secured by an electronic swipe card to public access ways, lifts and car park, with individual keys for apartment access.

Simply swipe over the reader under the lift buttons first and then press the desired floor number. Your swipe will take you to the roof top, ground and basement floor and your apartment floor only.

When selecting Ground level in the lift, it isn’t necessary to use the swipe.

Servicing of apartments The accommodation provided for your stay at White Shells is in a self-contained apartment, and hence, NOT serviced. This keeps costs down for holiday makers, as well as ensuring guest privacy 24 hours a day.

However, if you would like a regular service, this can certainly be arranged. Simply advise the reception of your particular request. A service charge will apply.

If you are staying for longer than 7 days, we will service your apartment every 7 days.

Smoking All apartments are strictly non-smoking. A cleaning fee in excess of $600 is payable if this rule is not observed.
Spa and swimming pool Spas and swimming pools are located on the roof top. Your room key and electronic fob is required for access.

Opening time: 7.00am
Closing time: 9.00pm

Note: Please be advised the spa and pool are unsupervised. All children under 15 years of age MUST be accompanied by an adult

Please ensure after swimming that you dry yourself before entering the building. This is a Health and Safety issue as the tiles can become very wet and slippery in the hallways and lifts.

Spa – Private When using the spa, carefully remove the lid by folding it in half and storing it beside the wall.

The spa is set on automatic so it will automatically turn the filter on periodically and heat to the set temperature. To adjust the temperature push and hold the up and down buttons – the required temperature will be illuminated.

Please rinse off any sand and do not use excessive sunscreen in the spa as this will pollute the water as will anything that may be spilt.

Never stand on the lid on the spa or it will break

Water usage South-East Queensland has experienced water restrictions for many years, essential in securing that one of our precious commodities is with us forever.

Hence, it is very important that you be aware of the amount of water you use in the shower, kitchen sink and washing machine.

The Sunshine Coast Council recommends 4 minute showers only and the maximum use of 110 litres of water per day.


Airport information The Sunshine Coast Airport is conveniently located just 3km to the south.
Airline information

For flight information times, confirmations and bookings, contact:

Airline contact numbers
Qantas 131 223
Virgin 136 789
Jetstar 131 538
Air New Zealand 132 476

Baby needs

If you need absolutely anything for baby (stroller, cot, high chair etc) then just let the White Shells team know and they will organize it for you.


Major banks are located 5km south in Maroochydore. There are two ATMs at Mt Coolum shopping centre where IGA is located, along with ATMs in Marcoola and also Pacific Paradise shopping centre.

Beach access

Just walk between the White Shells buildings (near the office) and follow the footpath and the boardwalk to the beach. Not a busy road in sight.

Beach safety

People get into difficulty in the water usually through a sequence of factors, such as ignorance, disregard of danger, lack of supervision or not having an understanding of the danger.

Be beach smart and remember to swim between the FLAGS. Flagged areas are located a mere 100m to the north and south of White Shells.


Why not take a local bus to discover other beaches along the Sunshine Coast, e.g. Coolum, Peregian, Noosa, Caloundra etc.

Leave your car in the safety of the secure underground carpark and go exploring. The coastline is a beautiful meandering ride between Marcoola and the other unspoilt northern beaches to Noosa.

The bus stop is a mere 200m from White Shells on the main road (David Low Way).

Car rentals

There are many car rental companies on the Sunshine Coast, eg Hertz, Avis, Thrifty – many of which will earn you frequent flyer points. Pick-up point of the Sunshine Coast Airport, just 3kms from White Shells

Car parking

Most apartments have two car park spaces.

Church services

Churches of different denominations are situated nearby:

Coolum Christian Family Church
Cnr Arcoona & Yandina-Coolum Road, Coolum Beach
Ph: 07 5446 1295

Coolum Beach Catholic Church
Elizabeth Street, Coolum Beach
Ph: 07 5446 3422

Coolum Beach Uniting Church
Elizabeth and Heathfield Streets, Coolum Beach
Ph: 07 5446 1493

Coolum Beach Seventh Day Adventist Church
School Road, Coolum Beach

Credit cards

Your account can be paid by either Mastercard, Visa, American Express, debit card.

Doctor and dentist

If you require the services of a Doctor, this services are available in the Mt Coolum shopping centre. Simply make your way back to the roundabout on Seaside Boulevard and turn right. The shopping centre is about 1km on the left-hand side.

Dentists can be found in Coolum Beach to the north, and Pacific Paradise and Mudjimba to the south.


The Sunshine Coast is blessed with many championship courses, such as Maroochy River at Bli Bli, Twin Waters, Palmer Resort Coolum, Peregian Springs and Noosa Springs, as well as dozens of excellent public courses offering great value games.

Hair and beauty

The closest hair dresser is available in the Mt Coolum shopping centre. Simply make your way back to the roundabout on Seaside Boulevard and turn right. The shopping centre is about 1km on the left-hand side. For beauty services, Soul Ocean Spa to the south in Marcoola is excellent.

Hospitals – public

Public hospitals are located at:

Sunshine Coast University Hospital, 3 Doherty Street, Birtinya – 5390 6000
Caloundra Hospital West Terrace, Caloundra – 5436 8500
Nambour General Hospital Road, Nambour – 5470 6600
Noosa Hospital 111 Goodchap Street, Noosaville – 5455 9200

Hospitals – private

Private hospitals are located at:

Noosa Hospital 111 Goodchap Street, Noosaville – 5455 9200
Noosa Hospital Emergency 111 Goodchap Street, Noosaville – 5455 9381
Caloundra Private Hospital 96 Beerburrum Street, Caloundra – 5491 1522
Nambour Selangor Private Hospital 62 Netherton Street, Nambour – 5441 2311

Limousine service

There are numerous limousine services available on the Sunshine Coast:

Abracadabra Limousines 0416 27 5125
Alron Limousines 5292 3461
Affordable Chauffeured Limousines 1800 77 2478


A photocopying service is available at Reception. Charges apply

Apartments for Sale

If you are interested in purchasing an apartment, please talk to Geoff. Geoff is a licensed real estate agent for selling apartments in White Shells and can tell you what is available and, if possible, show you through apartments.

Sightseeing tours

Please contact Reception for information and arrangements for sightseeing tours and Sunshine Coast shopping details.

A vast range of brochures are available. Just come into the office and grab what you want.

Our team would be happy to book whatever you want to do.

Supplies – food and wine

For a full shop, Mount Coolum shopping centre is only 1km north and has absolutely everything you will need to produce one meal or hosting a full-on dinner party.

Services in that location include an IGA supermarket, BWS bottle shop, butcher, and bakery, as well as pharmacy, doctor and dentist.

There is a newsagent to the south at Marcoola main beach shops opposite the park.


Suncoast Cabs Ph: 131 008 (local call)



  • Luxury Apartments
  • Overlooking Marcoola Beach
  • Private spas and plunge pools
  • Free WiFi Access in every apartment